Baseball: Red Sox can still thrive without Mookie Betts – News –

Mookie Betts and David Price are gone, Alex Verdugo may be injured, Dustin Pedroia is not coming back, Chris Sale is sick, Chaim Bloom is on the record saying that the 2020 roster isn’t as good as the 2019 one, and for the first time in their history, the Red Sox are starting a season with an interim manager.

Meaning — Boston is poised for a great year.

No team in the long history of the sport has been as contrarian as the Red Sox. It is as much a part of their genetics as the left field wall, perhaps more so. It is one of the major reasons why Boston has been baseball’s most compelling franchise, one of the reasons its team tapestry is the most complex in sport.

It wasn’t that long ago that manager Alex Cora was telling the crowd at the annual Boston Baseball Writers dinner, “If you guys thought last year was special, wait till this year.”

Oh, that’s right. Former manager Alex Cora.

“This year” turned out to be one of the most disappointing ever for the Sox, contrary to Cora’s prediction. It was the same in 1976 when Boston came off the greatest World Series ever and tanked. Same for 1987, times two. The Sox lost an almost unlose-able World…

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