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1892, 128 years ago

Happy birthday

George Washington’s birthday this week gives Utica’s public school teachers the opportunity to discuss with their students the life and achievements of the commanding general of the American Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and first president of the United States. So says Andrew McMillen, superintendent of schools.

He suggests that teachers begin by asking students the following questions: In what year was Washington born (1732), in what state was he born (Virginia), what was his occupation (surveyor and farmer), what was his political party (Federalist Party which favored a strong central government), for how long was he president (7 years, 308 days from April 30, 1789 to March 3, 1797), when did he die (Dec. 14, 1799 at age 67) and where is he buried (Mount Vernon, Virginia)?

1920, 100 years ago

Clinton musicians

Edward Towney is elected president of Clinton’s new village band. He asks villagers to support the band “which will be a credit to our community.”

1945, 75 years ago

Rotary celebrates

The Utica Rotary Club observes its 30th anniversary and the 40th anniversary of Rotary International. It honors 13 charter…

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