‘Zero respect’ for Astros involved in sign-stealing scandal

Alex Cobb was like so many of the others, speculating quietly for years on baseball’s dirtiest little secret.

In clubhouses and dugouts throughout the majors, pitchers and catchers frequently wondered how Astros hitters so often seemed to know what pitches were coming, and which weren’t.

How when playing at home they hit some pitches harder than they should have. Why they didn’t miss others that they typically would have.

“We were aware they were doing something,” said Rays catcher Mike Zunino, who through 2018 played three times a season in Houston with the Mariners. “We didn’t know the severity of it.”

Now, Zunino does. And Cobb. And the rest of us.

Baseball’s biggest cheating scandal in modern history has been committed, investigated, adjudicated and kinda sorta apologized for.

By now, you’ve surely heard the details, first shared by former Astros/now A’s pitcher Mike Fiers to a reporter in November, confirmed by a Major League Baseball investigation that concluded in January, and finally addressed by the guilty parties last week.

The Astros, at least in 2017 and early 2018, were using a video camera aimed at the catcher to get the signs, a live feed to a monitor…

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