Patrick Mahomes, Deontay Wilder among most exciting athletes

When Patrick Mahomes rallied Kansas City to a win in Super Bowl LIV, he capped off a playoff run that saw the Chiefs erase double-digit deficits in every victory. K.C. was down 24-0 in its playoff opener; three weeks later, Mahomes was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Some compare him to Brett Favre, which is a great comp. I mean, he’s like a Brett Favre who doesn’t throw interceptions, but in that class. Actually, better than Favre was through three NFL seasons. Mahomes is the kind of guy who, if he’s playing in a game, you have to stop and watch him. He is the most exciting individual in the NFL. But what about on a grander scale?

With Mahomes’ magic top of mind, I’ve been asked to rank the most exciting athletes in the world of sports today.

So, here’s the thing. My editors asked for 10. I gave them 14, because I’m an overachiever. (Or because it was too hard to settle on just 10.) But some of our international friends might notice sports like cricket and rugby aren’t represented here. Mostly because I’m not going to front like I watch those sports regularly. But I would encourage you to reach out on Twitter or IG and educate me, and we could include…

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