Aubrey Huff says women don’t belong in men’s pro sports

In the wake of the Giants banning Aubrey Huff from this summer’s 2010 World Series reunion, the two-time champ came on Joe, Lo & Dibs to state his claim, to tell his side.

Instead, he absolutely buried himself.

Most notably, Huff doubled down on his belief that Alyssa Nakken, the Giants assistant who is the first female coach in baseball history.

“I don’t believe a woman should be in men’s pro sports,” Huff declared.

“Absolutely not.”

Somehow, it got worse.

“There’s so many more people, especially men who grind it out who deserve that spot more than she does. But I also don’t believe that men belong in women’s college sports or sports in general, either.”

“Why would they want to be? I wouldn’t want to coach women in sports.” Huff said, laughing. “Women are tough enough to deal with anyway.”

When I listened back to the interview, which I was recoding with my iPhone, I can actually hear myself cringe. Multiple times.

Staggering stuff.

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Here’s the initial Nakken tweet.

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