Hank Aaron has a way | Venice Gondolier Sun

WEST VILLAGES — Hank Aaron, the legendary Atlanta Braves right-fielder, was on hand Tuesday at CoolToday Park in West Villages, where a street was rebadged Hank Aaron Way.

CoolToday is designed to emit the dreamscape of professional sports, and where Aaron’s No. 44 in giant red blocks stands near stadium gates.

Aaron, a longtime executive with the Braves, arrived for the brief event with team execs and manager Brian Snitker. The Hall of Famer and one-time home run record holder turned 86 on Feb. 5.

But the honest thrill he radiated at having his own street was clear to team executives, the players and coaches encircling him, the fans absorbed in his soft words.

“It makes me feel great … makes me feel good; thanks to all of you,” he said.

Hank Aaron is a player with lots of asterisks, more home runs, more at-bats, more hits than any other right-fielder in Major League Baseball history.

And as Braves Chairman Terry McGuirk noted, subtract his one-time record 755 homers, he still had nearly 3,000 hits in 21 years and 12,364 plate appearances.

He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982. Aaron had played briefly with the Negro…

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