The World’s Most Exciting Athletes

There’s a new list of the 14 most exciting active athletes in the world, which includes all sports, not just basketball, baseball, and football…

1.  Playoff LeBron James, Basketball.  Giannis Antetokounmpo and Zion Williamson were considered . . . but nothing beats LeBron in the playoffs.  That is, assuming he gets back to the playoffs after missing out last year.

2.  Tiger Woods, Golf . . . Yes, even now.  The writer mentions last year’s Masters, and how Tiger still makes any tournament that he’s in a big deal.

3.  Mike Trout, Baseball . . . The article suggests Trout could be the best player in baseball history, and says this year might be a defining moment, because the L.A. Angels have finally beefed up Trout’s supporting cast.

4.  Patrick Mahomes, Football . . . He’s won the NFL league MVP and Super Bowl MVP in his first two seasons as a starter.

5.  Serena Williams, Tennis . . . The writer says she’s the best player in her sport, ever.  STILL.  And she’s more in competition with herself than her actual opponents.

6.  Simone Biles, Gymnastics . . . She already secured four gold medals and a bronze in the 2016 Games, and she’s supposedly “a lock for more this…

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