Your Cheating Heart Will Tell On You: A Seattle Mariners History

Unless you’ve been hibernating away the baseball off-season in a cozy cave in the woods or under a rock without WiFi, you’ve been inundated with the Houston Astros’ banging scheme. (If you have been hibernating or under a rock, I kindly suggest you go back rather than read the rest of this; it’s for your own good.)

The scandal made me curious about any times the Mariners may have cheated, so I started looking into the past. As I dug up instances of Mariners caught cheating, I couldn’t help but be reminded of an aphorism in Mignon McLaughlin’s The Neurotic’s Notebook:Many are saved from sin by being so inept at it.”

The majority of the Mariners’ cheating (with the exception of the steroids era, which in my view, is a separate issue) took place in the early 1980s. After reading through these, you’ll see why they stopped before the end of Reagan’s first term.

Rick Honeycutt-the-Ball-with-a-Thumbtack

On September 30th, 1980 the Mariners were in Kansas City playing the penultimate series of an awful season that would earn 103 losses. Rick Honeycutt took the mound for the Mariners. The All-Star had been struggling lately, having lost 16 of his past 19…

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