The Orioles are more than Chris Davis and his failings

Good morning, Birdland!

Spring training is still in its infancy, so there is plenty of time for storylines to develop. For now, it seems the only common point of interest we have is Chris Davis. The highly-paid “slugger” worked out with Craig Gentry, gained weight and trolled everyone in his first batting practice of the spring by pretending to change his swing. Lovely.

Why even waste energy on Davis at this point? He has been a bad baseball player for three consecutive seasons, accounting for -3.8 bWAR in those years. Now he enters his age 34 season, and we are going to pretend like maybe he unlocked some hidden ability over the winter? Or act as if he was actually going to retire? Please. Have you seen the money he is still owed? He is going to see it out to the bitter end, and he is absolutely right to do so. He earned that money, and he isn’t going to let the Orioles off the hook. But Davis’s presence in spring training is, to me, one of the least interesting things about these Orioles. He is a known commodity on a roster full of question marks.

Davis’s arrival and opening quotes in Sarasota needed to be reported on. He is the most familiar face on the team…

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