Will Harris, former Astro, in middle of Nationals’ celebration

There are even reminders on the clocks.

“I had to take a few weeks to think about it, and reached a pretty simple conclusion: I could only come here if I knew the World Series stuff wouldn’t bother me,” Harris said. “And once I realized I could get past it pretty quickly, I was really excited to join the Nationals.”

The Nationals were sized for World Series rings Wednesday. They will take part in a parade in West Palm Beach on Thursday night. They face the Astros on Saturday, a club full of Harris’s former teammates, and this will seep into the season. A banner will go up at Nationals Park on April 2. Players will receive their rings April 4. And Harris will watch, and he will clap for his new buddies, and he may get stuck remembering a pitch he’ll never have back.

“It’s not like anybody is rubbing it in my face,” Harris said. “I’m happy for these guys. Really happy.”

It was an odd start of spring training for the 35-year-old. He spent the past five seasons with the Houston Astros, and helped them to a title in 2017. But that has since been tainted by the sign-stealing scandal that keeps coursing through baseball. So last Thursday, in his first meeting…

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