1-on-1: Sean Forman’s websites provide platform for all

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — If you are a baseball fan, there is a good chance you have spent at least a little time at some point on the website Baseball-Reference.com — it has every statistic you could imagine for every player and team in baseball history.  

The website was created by Sean Forman, who is also the president of Sports Reference, a collection of sports statistical websites including Baseball-Reference. The websites have their headquarters in Mount Airy.

Forman says last year, the sites had over a billion page views. He says it’s not just fans that check in, but baseball all-stars as well.

“I know (Cincinnati Reds star) Joey Votto credited us for helping him get out of a slump one time because he had been looking at our site and he saw that even Ted Williams had a stretch where he hit only .250 or something like that. It kind of helped him keep in mind that he just needed to keep working. I remember him namechecking us during, like, a press conference after a game,” Forman said.

Forman provides another example that shows the impact of these sites.

“We did a redesign three, four years ago. We rolled it out the day before spring training games started. First…

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