Rutgers head baseball coach Steve Owens speaks during the program’s Leadoff Banquet at The Rutgers Club on Saturday night

Bridgewater Courier News

Career-altering injuries inevitably led former Perth Amboy high school pitchers Alex Perez and Damon Clark to trade places.

Clark, who has been named Perez’s successor as the Panthers’ head baseball coach, retired from the Perth Amboy police department due to an injury, while Perez will graduate from the police academy next month, at which time he will officially join the force Clark left.

“When my professional baseball career came to an end, I went back to school and majored in criminal justice because I definitely wanted to get into law enforcement,” explained Perez, a former New York Yankees farmhand and University of Miami hurler whose big-league aspirations an arm injury ended.

“Me and my family decided the best decision was to follow my dream and go into law enforcement. The Ocean County Police Academy has encouraged me and given me the physical and mental tools to move forward in a new career in law enforcement. The Perth Amboy Police…