Sioux City Public Museum works on expanded black history section | State

SIOUX CITY — A plaque in the Sioux City Public Museum commemorates African-American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux, as part of a display citing the experiences of blacks living in the city in the 1910s and 1920s.

Jim Tillman, a historically-minded man who has made a series of videos recounting the life experiences of local African-Americans, says it’s time for the museum to take existing displays, add new strands and create an entire section devoted to black history in Woodbury County.

“Man, we need more …New year, new decade, let’s do it,” Tillman said enthusiastically.

Tillman, who now lives in Sioux Falls but returns often to his Sioux City hometown to see children and grandchildren, said the museum offerings are skimpy, with photos of the Sioux City Ghosts baseball team in the vicinity of the Sioux City Soos semi-pro white baseball team. Other items include the 1980 Sioux City Negro Yearbook, in which boxer Tony Drake, who went on to become a Sioux City Councilman, is shown on the cover.

Tillman said there is much more to Black History Month, which is commemorated in February, than recalling…

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