The state of adult baseball and taking it on the chin

In the world of Houston Sports, the state of adult baseball needs to be addressed. Let’s illustrate why the city has been taking it on the chin.

One of Houston Sports’ best kept secrets

With all of the tired talk of professional baseball and cheating, the wonderful city of Houston features a secret: over a thousand competitive adult baseball players, like myself, compete mainly throughout the city’s park system, paying for their own league fees and wood bats along the way. They play in the summer heat like the Colt .45s of old, a treasured moment in Houston Sports‘ history.

There is a purity to them because they pay to play a game that they love, often with hustle and grittiness that even Craig Biggio might approve of. This is their story. But, first, I’d like to tell you mine.

On Sunday, while playing my favorite position, center field, I took a baseball to the jaw after a bad hop on a hard-hit grounder up the middle at Trotter Park, about eight miles south of George Bush Intercontinental Airport. I had to keep the ball in front of me to help my team. Luckily, I did. And luckily, the umpire let me stay in the game, though I was clutching my jaw for several minutes in…

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