The Astros Scandal Is The Latest Cheating Case In Sports History

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The Houston Astros face wide condemnation for using video monitors to steal signs. But our friend A.J. Jacobs points out that cheating and sports have often gone together like baseball and nachos. A.J., of course, is the author of too many bestsellers to count and an expert on, well, things we often don’t care about. But this I care about. He joins us from New York. A.J., thanks for being with us.

A.J. JACOBS: Thank you, Scott, for having me. By the way, I did spend a lot of time searching for dirt on the Cubs. But you guys are squeaky clean. So you dodged a bullet.

SIMON: Well, you know, you lose for 108 years, it’s going to be…


JACOBS: That’s true. They should have been cheating in those…

SIMON: Right? Cheating – yeah, cheating would be a little more effective. So let’s begin with baseball. You know, the spitball seems like a quaint little kind of cheating on the sly. Tell us about the great Yankee pitcher Whitey Ford, who made it an art form.

JACOBS: Yes. He was very creative in what he put on the baseball to make it harder to hit. My favorite – his gunk ball. And the gunk in…

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