From Baseball to Sosua and Back Again

Renn Loren

From interviews with Hugh Baver


Despite all the good fortune of what has been recounted in the past 9 Chapters of Baver’s life story, the end of October brought a colossal disappointment, which left him feeling extremely deflated and searching for perspectives and answers regarding his next steps. 

Throughout 2019 he had devoted most of his time and energies to reconvening a 2nd “Revisiting Evian” program at the Hotel Royal in Evian, France. This was the site of the infamous 1938 Évian Conference, where Baver had conducted 2 well-received and successful program events after a press conference held earlier that day at the United Nations in Geneva. the events commemorated both the 80th Anniversary of the historic meeting and WWII Historic Plaque dedication ceremony on “Kristallnacht.”

 (Kristallnacht was the November 9th, 1938 “Night of Broken Glass”) 

Remember, the only country at this conference who agreed to open their borders, increase their immigration quotas to allow the fleeing European Jewish refugees fleeing from Hitler, and Nazi Germany was this country, the Dominican Republic. 

Baver selected the follow-up name of last year’s…

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