Kenta Maeda’s arsenal, and the Twins pace-of-play

Ed note: Welcome John to the front page, as he makes his Twinkie Town debut today. He’ll be providing us with some more analytically-oriented takes going forward.

Welcome to the Breakdown Series, a regular collection of interesting statistics and advanced analysis related to the Twins. With this series I hope to use a data driven analytic approach to uncover insights and provide some deeper explanations of Twins baseball. The offseason has given us plenty to investigate and today we’ll start by digging into Kenta Maeda’s arsenal and looking at the Twins’ pace of play.

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Maeda’s Arsenal:

Kenta Maeda’s acquisition has been covered and dissected from many angles here at Twinkie town and other places. My colleague Kyle Edelbrock already did a quick dive into Maeda’s approach using MLB Statcast data. Let’s dig into this data a little further to see what else we might learn about Maeda’s pitching style and approach to attacking hitters. At its core, pitching is about making it difficult for the hitter to hit the ball. Throughout baseball history this has most often been done through changing velocity, throwing pitches that move in different…

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