Loran Smith: Spring finds the grand old game in a mess – Lifestyle – Athens Banner-Herald

This time of the year, the calendar is always messin’ with your mind.

Think about this salient fact: It is less than six weeks until the Masters. We are still building fires, bundling up when we walk before daylight and keeping an eye on the weather. Spring football occupies college coaches across the country; it is basketball tournament time and spring planting is yet to take place. Before you know it, March Madness will have passed, and spring football will move front and center.

I look forward to enjoying the few weeks before the Masters. In addition to the various campus competitions to enjoy from tennis to golf to gymnastics to softball to track, I will enjoy those inspirational times by the fire with a good book.

Like the one I am occupied with now — a novel about the “Gunfight at OK Corral.” That gunfight has become legendary and is regarded as the most famous gunfight in the history of the Old West when it was keenly important for Americans to have the right to bear arms. Guns meant that you could put meat on the table for your family, but most importantly, guns meant that you could defend yourself and your property.

Some in the Eastern Establishment…

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