Art Museum to host Cape League forum – News –

The Guild of the Cape Cod Museum of Art invites baseball enthusiasts to a panel discussion with the Cape Cod Baseball League on Saturday, March 14 at 1 p.m.

Speakers will include Bill Bussiere, the league’s senior VP; Eric Zmuda, GM of Falmouth; Sue Horton, GM of Orleans; and John Garner, CCBL director of Broadcasting.

After a brief overview of the history of the league, panelists will discuss PR, broadcasting, player recruitment, scheduling, umpires, field enhancements and role of GM and field managers. In addition, the speakers will explore the makeup of individual franchises – how they are run on and off the field – as well as the important role of host families, and the financial structure of the league, including corporate partners and committees.

Since 1885, the Cape Cod Baseball League has been the premier amateur baseball league in the nation. Populated mostly by GIs returning from World War I in 1919 and WW II in the late 1940s, the league continued to appeal to a combination of local and regional college players until 1963, when it became officially sanctioned by the NCAA.

Following a decade (1974-84) of using aluminum bats, the Cape League became the…

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