Story of Shadowball coming to MAC | Mac

“That’s the mark of a master teacher, to see inside the student with low self-esteem who hasn’t yet found his or her gifts,” he said.

So his teachers placed him in drama class, Glee Club, poetry recitals and talent shows. Whenever he performed, he didn’t stutter.

Norfolk didn’t step onto the stage immediately. His “stage” was a famous local landmark – the Gateway Arch. He was a national park ranger for 10 years and loved living history programs. He shared interesting tales about Lewis and Clark’s expedition and “the Plains Indians and those programs resonated with me the most.”

It was 1975 when he stepped onto the stage as a stand-up comedian at a St. Louis comedy club. Four years later he made his first appearance as a storyteller at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival. And through storytelling, he was finally able to combine his passion for theater, stand-up comedy and history as a “story-performer.”

“Everything we hear, taste, touch and smell comes through a story. We learn lessons that are more deeply rooted than the lessons we ‘speak.’ This is why I challenge technology. The only thing that can be better than computers or television or Spotify…

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