Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet: Catcher Rankings for 2020

If you have been reading my other fantasy baseball positional rankings for 2020, you know I am a big believer in position scarcity theory and the extension of that theory being multi-position eligibility. But the catcher rankings is where that ends.


Like most years, catcher is weak. We don’t even make it through the top 10 catcher options before we hit players unlikely to notch 75 runs and RBIs combined. Even my top option, J.T. Realmuto’s 25 home runs, nine stolen bases, and .270 average is good, but not great. As long as Gary Sanchez continues to hit in the heart of the Yankee order, he’s going to mash HRs. But he hit .232 last year and a worse-than-Mendoza .186 the previous season. Do you think you can identify enough battle-title contenders to balance that out?


I would rather punt the position and spend my draft capital elsewhere. Yadier Molina is both a frequent and repeat member of my fantasy baseball teams. You can get him late too. He has a mixed league ADP around 200 and is the perfect example of a catcher that won’t hurt you. Don’t expect him to hit 20 HRs as he did two seasons ago. However, a career .284 hitter, he should once again wind up in the .270 range…

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