New sports memorabilia collection on display, open to public at FAU

By: Marisa Herman
Associate Editor

American history comes alive through the lens of sporting events in a new, free, open-to-the public museum on the campus of Florida Atlantic University.

The Avron B. Fogelman Sports Memorabilia Collection opened to students, faculty and the general public last month.

Located inside the new Schmidt Family Complex for Academic Excellence, the collection was donated by Boca resident, former Kansas City Royals owner and sports fan Avron Fogelman.

Considered to be one of the largest private collections owned by an individual, the $10 million worth of memorabilia is now housed on campus and is free to view in perpetuity.

“It will redefine our campus,” FAU president John Kelly said during a preview reception debuting the museum. “I think people will fly out from all over to see this.”

Inside, there is a display of Olympic torches including ones used in the 1936 Berlin, 1948 London and 1972 Munich games; the 13 original rules of basketball by James Naismith; first pitch baseballs thrown by various United States presidents and celebrities; a football signed by the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins and hundreds of other items.


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