Big League Chew’s Flavorful History Includes Baseball Cards

So I just happened to find a bag of Big League Chew today.  On clearance for 95 cents, I just couldn’t pass it up. It’s been a while since I’ve tasted the gum I loved as a childhood favorite. I fully plan to split it with my eight-year-old and see who can blow the biggest Major League bubble. Big League Chew was always much better than the gum you picked up out of a baseball card pack.  Little did the clerk who took my money know of the significance of BLC and its niche in the sports memorabilia world.

Big League Chew just isn’t that easy to find these days. The good news is you can purchase it on Amazon by the pack or the case and have it delivered. Who would have thought that would have been a possibility two or three decades ago?

I kept looking at the Big League Chew packaging and noticed a few things. The logo is one thing that sticks out. Big League Chew calls itself “The Hall of Fame Bubble Gum.” There’s a reason for that.  A few years ago, they signed a sponsorship and licensing deal with the Cooperstown shrine. Open a package and you might win a trip to the Hall courtesy of the company.


The package I picked up was “Outta Here Original.”  I…

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