After a week, 2020 Opening Day still not sold out

After a week, the Cleveland Indians have yet to sell out Opening Day, as the organization is set to play its earliest opener in franchise history.

It’s the first day of March and you can still get a ticket to watch the Cleveland Indians’ on Opening Day on March 26.

Without a doubt, the date has a lot to do with the ticket availability. The Indians have been playing baseball for over 100 years, and March 26 is the earliest Opening Day date in the franchise’s history.

You’ve got to be super motivated to sit outside and watch a baseball game–in March– in Cleveland. No one knows better than northeast Ohioans that it’s possible to experience every season in a day, especially at this time of year.

The Indians have sold out every home opener since the stadium previously known as Jacobs Field opened in 1994. Last year, the Tribe sold out in an hour. Tickets have been on sale for a week now, and there’s plenty of seats to choose from on the Indians’ website.

The cheapest ticket available is a $57 spot in the upper reserve, but you can get a $225 infield club seat if so desired.

Opening Day is a festive atmosphere, and can best be described as a baseball game with a football…

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