Babe Ruth Never Knew a Surprising Personal Detail About Himself

Even though he died more than 70 years ago, George Herman “Babe” Ruth is still considered one of the greatest players in Major League Baseball history. Baseball fans know a lot about his baseball career. They know about him holding the career home run record for decades, and they know about him being a two-way player who also pitched, and they know about the multiple World Series titles he won with the Yankees. But there are some interesting facts about Ruth that most people don’t know, and that includes one that may be particularly surprising to learn.

Babe Ruth’s playing career

Ruth famously played for both the Red Sox and Yankees, but he ended his 22-year career with the Boston Braves in 1935. He finished his career with an impressive .342 average to go along with his 714 home runs — which was the most of all-time until Hank Aaron broke Ruth’s mark in 1974 — and 2,214 RBI. He only pitched for 10 of his 22 seasons. He compiled a 94-46 record in 163 games, including 147 starts. He threw 1,221.1 innings with a 2.28 ERA and 488 strikeouts. Ruth threw 107 complete games with 17 shutouts —…

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