Behind the scenes : ‘Pandamonium’ chronicles launch of Rocket City Trash Pandas | Lifestyles

The Rocket City Trash Pandas have enjoyed extraordinary success in merchandise sales, sold their allotment of season tickets and rekindled North Alabama’s love for baseball. Now, before even their first game is played, there is another unprecedented landmark.

Pandamonium: Engineering Pro Baseball’s Return to the Rocket City,” a book chronicling the Trash Pandas’ arrival in Madison, will be released in April. It not only goes behind the scenes to reveal the maneuvering that brought the team into existence and the people who made it happen, but it also explores the rich history of baseball in the area that serves as the foundation for this franchise.

Mark McCarter, a four-time Alabama Sportswriter of the Year whose work has appeared in such publications as Sports Illustrated, Fortune, The Sporting News and USA Today, is the author of the book, which is being published by August Publications. He has written two other books, “The Racetracks Book,” published by The Sporting News, and “Never A Bad Game: 50 Years of the Southern League,” printed by August…

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