Cy Young’s Most Impressive Records That Still Stand Today

Baseball has a rich history; several of baseball’s best played their final games over 100 years ago. As such, they exist in a strange plane between recognizable legend and forgotten presence. People know the names, but the sheer extent of what these players accomplished has been lost in time. 

Cy Young is one of these instances. While the award given to pitchers every year bears his name, the extent to which he dominated the game of baseball should still be recognized.

Cy Young’s baseball career

Young came into what’s now known as Major League Baseball in 1890 at 23 years old. His education had stopped after sixth grade. According to Britannica, Young began to play on semi-pro baseball teams as a teen to make extra money. With the full name Denton True Young, he developed the nickname Cyclone, which was eventually shortened to Cy. 

By 1890, Young had the attention of the National League, and the Cleveland Spiders purchased his contract from a Canton, Ohio minor-league team. Young wasted no time, going 9-7 during his first partial season with the Spiders. By the next year, however, he was…

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