Alex Rodriguez gives Astros advice in ESPN Yankees, Red Sox game

A-Rod wants the Astros to A-pologize.

“I think the one thing that has really upset the fans is you cheat, you win a championship, there is no suspension, and then there’s no remorse,” the 44-year-old Alex Rodriguez said Tuesday while broadcasting the Yankees-Red Sox game on ESPN. “The last one I think is probably the worst one because people want to see remorse. They want a real, authentic apology. And they have not received that thus far.”

Perhaps Rodriguez is referring to an apology like the handwritten letters he wrote the Yankees and their fans a year after he was suspended the 2014 season for PEDs and his connection to the notorious Biogenesis ring.

Whereas Astros players were found to have illegally stolen signs, the 14-time All-Star Rodriguez had other means to gain more of an advantage.

“From a guy who has made as many mistakes as anybody on the biggest stage — I served the longest suspension (162 games, reduced from 211) in Major League Baseball history, it cost me well over $35 million, and you know what? I deserved that. And as a result, I came back,” said Rodriguez, whose net worth, combined with that of fiancée Jennifer Lopez, is believed to…

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