In-depth with Brad Byrd: History of baseball in Evansville

Eyewitness News Brad Byrd goes in-depth with the author Kevin Wirthwein to talk about his book “Baseball in Evansville: Booms, Busts, and One Global disaster.”

BB: Welcome to Indepth. From a satellite image of Evansville, it looks like a nickel just sitting there north of downtown. But that represents more than a hundred years of America’s pastime. baseball. Bosse Field, built at a time America was evolving in the industrial age. So how do you put all of this into a book a story? I’m joined tonight by a man who has done just that. He is Kevin Wirthwein. is a journalist who has the love of sports running through his veins. His book is titled, Baseball in Evansville: Booms, Bust, and One Global Disaster. that title will get out attention right off the bat.

Kevin thanks for being here tonight. First question I got for you, who in the world is papa bear?

KW: Papa bear is my grandfather, who showed me baseball.

BB: How did he do that?

KW: When Evansville finally got a minor lead team back in the city after nine years without one. In 1966 my grandfather … box seats and would take me to game after game to see my favorite team the Evansville White…

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