Must-Have Traits Of A Baseball Player

With spring training underway for the 2020 MLB season, I wanted to take a look at what Little Leaguers should be focused on to become one of the ‘big leaguers’. The personal and mental aspect of the game comes into play when the other team takes turns coming up to the plate to hit the ball. The game turns with every batter attempting to hit the ball being pitched to them at high velocity with one swing of the bat. It must sound so complicated when you hear it this way, but it is pretty simple when you have the right traits of a baseball bat player.

Physical Traits of a Baseball Player
A baseball player does not need to be physically fit in order to play but in the course of training to play well, most baseball players become physically fit especially if they start playing and training at a young age. The physical traits of a baseball player are generally present in most individuals. The game could be challenging for persons with disabilities, but for most people, playing baseball is an accessible sport to play.

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Reaction Time and Prediction
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