Remember When: The history of Johnson Park – The Andalusia Star-News

     “TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME” is a 1908 Tin Pan Alley song which has been the official anthem of North American baseball. However, neither of its composers/authors, Norworth and Tilzer, had ever attended a game prior to writing the song. The song’s chorus is traditionally sung during the middle of the 7th inning of a baseball game. Fans are encouraged to sing along. At some ballparks, the words “home team” are replaced with the team’s name.

As I was passing by the Andalusia ball park on Highway 55 South the other early evening headed to vote before the 7:00 deadline, I spied all the lights on at our own J. H. Johnson Park

where memories for a lifetime are made each season.

One of the late editors of The Andalusia Star News Ed Dannelly wrote in May 1961, “The sweet, sweet sound of bat meeting horsehide will echo again at the ball park this spring.” What a poetic way to describe that wonderful time of year for baseball enthusiasts, I observed, when researching the old newspapers.

     Johnson Park was named in 1972 for Mr. J. H. Johnson, a dynamic educator in Andalusia, He came to Andalusia in 1936 to accept the “principalship” of the…

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