San Diego’s Knight With Shining Dreadlocks

Around 365 days ago, there was an electric energy that entered the world of San Diego, and for everyone that has experienced life in America’s Finest City in the past year, they understand what I mean when I say that the atmosphere within the city hasn’t truly been the same since.  It’s about time that I wrote about the King that San Diego so desperately needed in order to reach the level of success that now seems inevitable.

A beach on its best day in San Diego is one of life’s true pleasures and two of Earth’s most precious, natural resources working together with Mario & Luigi-like success, but not even the beauty of having the luxury of two of the galaxy’s greatest gifts to mankind can come close to being known as the best part of San Diego’s at this moment in time in 2020. In a city that may legitimately be the greatest in the entire universe, to be able hold the powerful title of being San Diego’s most precious asset has to go to somebody or something that lives up to the standards that America’s Finest City has already set for themselves as being one of the galaxy’s elites. When you take into account of everything we have witnessed this past year,…

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