The best Royals pitches of the last decade

Many baseball analysts and officials have decried the increase in strikeouts in today’s game. And to be fair, it is a legitimate problem. 2018 was the first season in Major League Baseball history where there were more strikeouts than hits. Rays General Manager Erik Neander remarked that there will be a “breaking point,” adding that there’s “not a lot of entertainment” in “seeing a few hundred pitches a night that aren’t put in play.”

However, there is the other side of that argument. While I love great defense as much as the next guy, I also love disgusting, inhumane pitches that shouldn’t be moving the way that they are moving and make me feel like Kobe watching Shannon Brown end Mario West’s career.

Strikeouts are scientifically more fun than groundouts and flyouts and I don’t argue with science. This topic was inspired by a tweet asking which pitch was the most aesthetically pleasing.

The replies include some very entertaining gifs, including Greg Maddux’s two-seam fastball:

Zack Greinke’s nice 69-MPH “curveball”

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