Baseball comes along every spring – Monterey Herald

After further review… In an earlier Tunneyside ( I asked if baseball is still considered America’s pastime.

In that post I asked “Has this sport taken an upper-deck seat to football, basketball, soccer and other sports? Has the baseball season-ticket holder become disenfranchised with today’s game?”

In the opinion here, baseball remains the sport of a new season and one that we look forward to each spring. It signals the end of winter and an abundance of optimism.

As President Clinton said on the eve of the 1995 World Series, “Baseball is part of our common heritage.” Baseball has also been called a thinking person’s game.

The pace of the game allows us to contemplate what just happened and speculate what might happen next. It’s a mindset that will help in other areas of one’s life.

And baseball has space. Unlike football, the players are not huddled together, and each player has his own area of responsibility, all while working together as a team toward the  goal.

Speaking of former presidents, do you recall when Gerald Ford made the comment that he watched a lot of baseball on the radio?

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