Baseball’s tough business hasn’t dimmed love for Nolan Arenado’s game

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona. From time to time, I see Nolan Arenado make another incredible play or talk to him at the clubhouse and I remember the bright-eyed boy he used to be.


I wonder how much boy is left in the 28-year-old man, and I will remember one of my favorite Rockies stories.

In 2013, adorable and irascible first baseman Todd Helton was sitting in the clubhouse of the visiting team in Nationals Park when he thought some wisdom would happen to the rookie third baseman. The Rockies had flown to Washington from Toronto last night and Helton told Arenado with his eyes open to make sure he checked his cell phone bill.

“The charges can be quite high in Canada,” Helton said.

“Really?” Said Arenado. “Then I have to call my dad.”

Helton, confused, asked: “Your dad? Why call your dad?

Arenado innocently replied: “Yes, I am in your family plan, so I have to let you know.”

Helton, amused and dismayed, said: “Are you kidding me? You’re in the big leagues now, boy. Get out of the family plan!

That Arenado left a long time ago. He has won seven Golden Gloves, is a perennial All-Star, has the…

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