Putting the last two offseasons in perspective

The date is October 28, 2018. I’m running up and down the stairs of my college apartment, waking up my roommate with Sweet Caroline blasting through the speaker. The Red Sox had just completed their domination of the Dodgers, bringing home a World Series trophy and finishing as one of the winningest teams in Major League Baseball history. Life was good.

One little thing was worrying me, however. The offseason decision-making following a World Series win always tends to include overreactions and overpaying. In particular, after Joe Kelly’s utterly dominant postseason and Nathan Eovaldi’s Superman-like heroics in Game 3, it was clear they would be hot commodities seeking multi-year contracts. While Kelly inked a 3-year, $25 million-dollar deal with the Dodgers, Eovaldi was lured back to Boston on a lucrative 4-year, $68 million contract.

Thus began an offseason of spending. After Eovaldi re-signed in December, Chris Sale was extended for $145 million in March, and Xander Bogaerts was extended for $132 million in April. While this was an attempt to keep the core of a World Series team together, it failed to see the big picture. Although I liked the Bogaerts contract,…

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