Barry Bonds Is On MLB Death Row Until He Confesses To PED Use

When Alex Rodriguez went on ESPN’s First Take and admitted that he deserved to be given the longest suspension in MLB history for PED use, it was almost like the Red Seas parted for his eventual induction into the Hall of Fame

The analysts couldn’t stop raving about him.  

A-Rod has kept in close touch with the baseball community since retiring, despite being the most hated man in the sports at one time. He’s slowly worked his way back into favor through being one of the best analysts in the sport, his faithful relationship with iconic performer J. Lo and his willingness to give everyone the contrition and self-deprecation that they want to see from what many still refer to as a “cheater.” 

Barry Bonds has never fully recovered from his scandal, the venomous backlash he received en route to breaking Hank Aaron’s sacred home run record and the shaky relationships he is rumored to have…

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