MLB, media adapting to new coronavirus guidelines

By 8:30 Tuesday morning at George M. Steinbrenner Field, some 75 years of tradition had been replaced by a high-top table, four stanchions and a Yankees banner (with sponsor) placed against a concrete wall.

For now, this — or something similar to this, across Major League Baseball — constitutes the new reality for media covering the sport.

“Well, it’s unfortunate just for the world situation of it. But [they’re] the precautions we’ve got to take now,” Giancarlo Stanton said during the Yankees’ 4-2 loss to the Blue Jays. “[We’ll] make it a point to come out here and be available since you guys aren’t allowed in the clubhouse.”

On Monday evening, MLB, the NBA, NHL and Major League Soccer put out a joint statement announcing the temporary banning of media as well as non-essential team and facility personnel from team clubhouses and locker rooms. The continuing, worrisome spread of the coronavirus created this unprecedented development, with the situation’s uncertainty creating no timeline for resumption of the old ways.

The news especially stung the baseball-media universe, given the sport’s everyday nature and its history of considerable access…

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