Derek Jeter’s 8-Year-Old Signature Sold for an Obscene Amount of Money

Long before Derek Jeter became the face of the New York Yankees, he was just an ordinary kid playing little league baseball. Like many future MLB stars, he honed his craft over the years before making the leap to star status. And as it turns out, a baseball Jeter signed when he was just 8 years old turned into a highly expensive piece of memorabilia history.

Derek Jeter was recently elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame

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Setting records and winning championships made Derek Jeter one of baseball’s all-time greats. The 1996 MLB Rookie of the Year established a reputation as one of the most respected players in the game as the face of the sport’s most powerful franchise. A 14-time All-Star selection, Jeter became a human highlight reel who always seemed to come up clutch in the biggest moments.

Never one to put his individual success before the team, he led the Yankees to five World Series championships. The 2000 World Series MVP shined in the postseason. Incredibly, Jeter played essentially an entire extra…

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